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You can view the obituary and visitation hours for those we serve at  Layne Funeral Home. If you don't see the name you are looking for, you may select a month and year and click Go, or you may enter the last name and click Search. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any needs you may have. Please click the "Send a Condolence" link at the bottom of the obituary to leave your message.

American Veteran Dickerson, Robert Allen 4/11/2014    
Nunley, Louis Donald 4/11/2014    
Jensen, Roger Eric 4/8/2014    
Perry, Sharon Lynn 4/7/2014    
Myers, Wendell Matthew 4/4/2014    
Slatton, Scottie E. 3/28/2014    
Turner, Mildred Lois 3/25/2014    
Martinez Reyes, Amelia Molly 3/23/2014    
Caldwell, Helen Lena 2/22/2014    
Fults, Ray Jackson 2/14/2014    
Mott, Claudie 2/10/2014    
Braden, Hester Mae 2/7/2014    
Linkous, Anna Jeanetta 2/7/2014    
American Veteran Ward Jr., Oscar Lee 2/5/2014    
Norris, Bobby Eugene 1/31/2014    
American Veteran Morrison, Martin Charles 1/30/2014    
Phillips, Timothy Edward 1/29/2014    
American Veteran Layne, Kent A. 1/25/2014    
Burnett, Frankie E. 1/24/2014    
Brown, Tammy Lee 1/22/2014    
Perry Sr., Robert Edward 1/19/2014    
American Veteran Singleton, Francis Albert 1/11/2014    
Ruehling, Willie Mae 1/4/2014    
American Veteran Hopkins, Michael John 1/1/2014    
Fults, Kenneth Dale 12/31/2013    

 - American Veterans